There is a range of national institutions involved in in-country capacity development for disaster/emergency management and disaster risk reduction; some focus on setting policy, and formulating plans and programs, some delivering professional development training courses and vocational education, while others are focusing on delivering higher education courses in disaster management (DM) and/or disaster risk reduction (DRR).

Equally significant is the range of other institutions involved in professional development and higher education in related fields where DM/DRR modules are added into their professional education and in service training.

Awareness raising for georisks and enhancement of the capacity on disaster preparedness and risk management for Geological Government Employees and other stakeholders who attended training at Pusdiklat Geologi.
1. Teach about  natural environment; point out the relation between natural
environment and natural disasters, give background information on geological movements, teach emergency preparedness measures
2. Enhance knowledge, skills and attitudes on natural hazards, emergency
preparedness and disaster risk reduction measures

Implementing Partners
– Dinas Pertambangan dan Energi/ Department for Mining and Energy, implementing partner in arranging sites visits, running the open
– Resource sharing and dissemination of materials (Consultants)

By video we can easily reach our target group and directly start with training activities without having to cope with arrangements like inviting SMEs for a special
event on a certain day at a certain place. While training we can be sure to reach
many atudents/trainee on the one hand, on the other hand the trainers are involved as they take part in the event and are encouraged/ invited to use material  in their future classes.

The video consists of a natural hazard explanation covering the following fields:

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