Feasibility Study eLearning Pusdiklat Geologi Badiklat ESDM

Feasibility Study eLearning Pusdiklat Geologi Badiklat ESDM

BADIKLAT ESDM is considering a move to create and provide an online education and training (eLearning) from which its existing. Until now BADIKLAT ESDM has only have traditional education and training from its centers and facilities and has been limited online support within the geographical regions where its operates. By doing so, BADIKLAT ESDM has not been able to capitalize on the growing trend of online learning within the Pusdik or training centres of ESDM. By doing Feasibility Study of e-Learning Platform, BADIKLAT ESDM can know and plan People, Process and Technology which will be implement to an entirely organizations, increase Quality of Learning and growth Output of Diklat, and allow Stakeholder to have learning from the convenience of their time and location.

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